Innovative concepts – More success as a trainer

Extend your expertise with the latest knowledge about human behavior and deliver differentiable and exclusive added value to your customers. Become a licensed partner now.

Online Seminar «Game Changer Entscheidungsgestaltung!» – Your entry into the world of human decision making and maybe the first step towards becoming a licensed partner.



You are an established and successful sales or sales trainer


You are constantly on the lookout for innovative training models to further your education and keep your offer attractive


You are looking for fresh impulses to position yourself with new ideas and differentiate yourself from your competitors

You want to spend your precious time with your customers. Therefore you do not have the time to constantly create new training concepts. Therefore it makes sense to outsource this work and we develop your concepts while you earn money.

As a licensed HUMAN DECISION DESIGN MODEL® partner, you will give yourself and your customers access to the latest findings in behavioral research. 50 years of research in behavioral economics, psychology, game theory and neuroeconomics as well as the world’s most proven practical applications and tools for decision making compact in one model. Ready for your application to make your customers even more successful.

As a licensed partner you receive the following exclusive advantages:

  • Training over several days including certificate as exclusive “HUMAN DECISION DESIGN MODEL® trainer”.

  • Additional certificate as “Designer of purchase decisions / HUMAN DECISION DESIGNER in Sales

  • Access to finished training concepts, documents and tools via Partner Login

  • Professional and complete participant documents

  • Tools for customer acquisition and positioning

  • Continuous updates on methods and new training concepts

  • Networking with other licensed trainers and best practice exchange

Become a HUMAN DECISION DESIGN MODEL® partner now and increase your customers’ success. Because their success is your success! Please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions and discuss suitable possibilities of cooperation with you.


More time

Because you prefer to spend your time with customers instead of developing concepts, we deliver finished concepts for your individual customer projects.


More impulses

You will continuously receive new content and training concepts based on the needs of all licensed partners. You tell us what your customers want and not vice versa.


More promotion

Our experienced HUMAN DECISION DESIGN MODEL® supervisors are always available to assist you in 1:1 coaching. We keep you up to date with annual training updates. 

Get in touch with us. We will gladly explain the details of licensing to you