Evidence-based solutions for more success as a company

Companies are not advised here!
Knowledge is imparted and the employees are accompanied during the application. Here our customers learn how to make their company systematically more successful with empirical solutions.

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You are a successful entrepreneur, managing director, division manager and decision-maker in an SME or corporate group


You are constantly looking for optimization potential to make your organization even more successful


You understand human behavior and decision-making as the linchpin of all economic activity and as a success factor in shaping the entrepreneurial future


Your market services should be customer-centered, because «the worm should taste to the fish and not to the fisherman»

Those who have a comprehensive understanding of their own decisions and those of their customers, employees, suppliers and competitors will ensure the sustainable success of their company.

Based on the HUMAN DECISION DESIGN MODEL® we make this knowledge available to you and support you in making the right decisions. Decisions that are based on evidence and offer you maximum security in uncertain or complex situations.

Businesses are experiencing increasing pressure and uncertainty as the world becomes more dynamic, digital and complex. Economic as well as business model and product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter and more and more decisions with far-reaching consequences are being made in ever shorter periods. The danger of bad or wrong decisions is increasing. We are specialized in decisions under uncertainty and risk. We make use of the findings of behavioural economics, which has been researching exactly such decisions in detail for over 50 years.

We offer you the necessary knowledge, for example when it comes to:

  • Adapt your business model
  • To develop or introduce new products
  • To open up markets
  • Expand sales channels and strategies
  • Identify new customer groups
  • Or to accompany and support the organization in these changes

The HUMAN DECISION DESIGN MODEL® is NOT our consulting approach, but your tool. It contains all human decision patterns and the corresponding tools to design decisions and improve the results. It is your key to more success.  We support you in becoming an expert in decision making yourself. In and for your company.




«That would have been your price!»

How to develop behavioral pricing strategies that achieve higher margins, more deals with less price war.


«It has SOLD OUT!»

How to make successful buying decisions in order to attract, develop and retain even more customers.


«Websites & customer portals that are addictive!»

How to optimize the online channel in terms of behavioral economics in order to generate more revenue through better conversion.


«Making the right decisions is crucial!»

How to reach better decisions and become even more successful thanks to the findings of behavioural economics.



«Leading means designing!»

How to improve leadership, organization, cooperation and culture with behavioral economic measures


«The key to behavior change»

How to support transformation and change processes with behavioral economic measures.


Knowledge transfer

We impart our knowledge and support you in becoming a decision maker for your company and your customers. Because nobody knows your company and your market better than YOU.


Our jointly developed solutions are scientifically supported, field-tested and customer-oriented. Because human behavior is predictable, success can be systematically planned for the first time.

Test & Learn

We support you on your way to becoming a “learning organization” and help you to test introduced measures in a controlled way and to optimize them continuously. Because only those who test will find out what works and what doesn’t and can systematically improve.

The enterprise value of a company is the sum of all right decisions – minus all wrong ones!
Only those who make the right decisions more frequently and the wrong decisions less frequently can sustainably increase the success and value of their organization.